The Despicable Little Man

Is a Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwrriter-producer from Los Angeles California. Total DIY musician.


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He played as a sideman in 70's and 80's bar bands. In the early 2000's, he started writing, recording and releasing original music under the new name.

The DLM welcomed the change in the way music was created and distributed, taking advantage of computer home recording developments and (thankfully) the need for a closet full of CDS disappeared.

The DLM got his name after sharing a few 70's Southern California bar band experiences with a more traditionally employed friend. Hasn't everyone lived in a car for awhile?

 His music has been described as  Vibe-Y. Each song is in a different space, different, (except for when writing a 12 bar blues). 

Musicial Influences: Melodic rock, blues, electronic. Elements of jazz, reggae, funk, country, downtempo, chill, pop, classical. 

Vocally, influenced by Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Frank Zappa, 

The music is Vibey, each song with a different feel, but they are songs, the most current release "Bein' Me" is a horn driven funky song with an EDM style spacey bridge. 

Lyrically most of the songs explore relationships, and the self discovery from taking a look at our part in them. 

Although the music is all produced inside the box, there's saxes and guitars in a lot of this giving a more earthy, organic feel.


To Date - 24 singles and 2 albums, all digital releases. 

Most plays - 13K for "You Don"t Have to Try" (To Hurt Me) on Soundcloud.

Scored 2 contest short films, "Prop 105" and" Milton and Me."

Two song placements in festival films. "Extase" with BlondyCandy and "Love Goes On" with Chloe Domage.


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