One Time – New Album

Released  Nov 13, 2017
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This is the first album I’ve done in a number of years. My interests are so varied it almost is like a sampler type album.

One thing with all the different styles, this time I’ve tried to keep them more separate. While not being pure, some of the songs tend to stay in the world they came from. Not ofiicianado strict but they are somewhat cohesive, especially the 12 bar blues numbers.

I’ve gotten a real interest in guitar playing so a lot of this is based on that. There are still some electronic leanings, but for the most part I the guitar is the basis.

I’ve also included some standard blues progression songs. I couldn’t really list these as blues songs, but I do use the song form and a lot of the stylistic elements. Ok There are 3 12 bar blues songs on here.

1. What She Say. An electronic moody piece. Lots of effects on the female vocal. I really don’t remember what the original lyrics are.

2. The City. A song from my high school days. The only cover in this set. I liked Mark Almond and had the pleasure of meeting Johnny Almond in San Diego and jammed with him a few times.

3. One Time. A country rock tune with some Lou Reed vibes going on. I spent some time in Texas and while never really becoming a country fan, some of the influences creep in here and there. The lyrics are somewhat innocent.

4. Bad Vlad. Mr Putin is an interesting and powerful man. His rise to power is not unlike other autocrats, although he has been elected. As I’ve read about him, I noticed the body count, especially among journalists, is getting substantial.

5. Ain’t Go Time. One of my 12 bar offerings. I’ve worked with some great guitarists over the years and have doubts of ever reaching their level. But I do enjoy the music. Lyrically it’s about a girlfriend or friend that suffers from bouts of depression and wears you down after awhile.

6. Drivin in My Car. A country blues kind of feel. Basically it’s a description of my drive to work from the Pedro to Burbank, through the middle of downtown LA. Fun Song for me
7. Stand Up. The music for this sat for awhile, I’d played a bunch of things to it and nothing was really working. One day the lyrics made a little more sense to me, I cut and pasted some parts, moved the bass line over 2 beats and it got cool to me. It’s somewhat of a response to the response current events, leaning toward a more thoughtful expression of anger and living on a more personal level.

8. You Make It Hard. Aah, the challenges of love. Sometimes you just feel like there isn’t much more to give, but you stay there. Written from what I suspect is my wife’s perspective.

9. The Squeek. An instrumental “rocker” with a little sax squeel at the end.

10. Talk With You. Another raw 12 bar. I liked some older lyrics because of the hidden meanings. Double meanings. Yes I want to talk with you.

11. His Strings Are Silent. A bandleader and friend of mine took his own life many years ago. My humble thoughts on that man.

12. Suspicious. Mixing up a little jazz and scat singing. Walking bass, horns, drums and vocals. Bare bones. Even at this point in life, I look a lot. But the level of commitment is deep, so don’t worry baby.

13. Move Your Body. Not very deep. Kind of making fun at the rigidity of the new personal expression. My “dancing” was just moving your body. That’s all.

There is a certain sense of humor to this without being comedic. Although some serious subjects are here in His Strings Are Silent and Bad Vlad.

I’ve been working on this for about a year or so. Although musically it might be the least complex I’ve done, it is very rewarding for me. Enjoy and buy.

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