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December 1, 2014

Another Milestone on Soundcloud. 6400 plays.


Nov. 30, 2014
Not a Happy Holiday is Released!


Oct, 16, 2014
Another milestone, The DLM hit over 3,000 plays on Soundcloud!

Sept. 25,2014
"I Wanna Make Love to You" is released!


The Despiceble Little Man hits a milestone. 1000 listens in the last 30 days on Soundcloud!


Sept. 15, 2014 - Good News for the DLM from Required Radio
" I have added your single "You Don't Have to Try (to Hurt Me)" to our weekly "up and coming" artists playlist. This airs each Thursday (9/18/2014) night from 8-9:30pm. 
Thanks for reaching out to us at Required Radio, and good luck out there! "

Thank you!
Sept. 11 , 2014
- Remembering 9/11.

And a slight milestone for me. I had over 200 plays on Soundcloud last week.

ALSO: Finishing up a new song! Set for release Sept. 25, Details to come.

Sept 4, 2014. I started a college radio promotion, we'll see how it goes.