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The Despicable Little Man
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The Despicable Little Man

started in school bands, playing clarinet. "I wasn't an evil kid, just naughty. My parents put me in band to keep me out of trouble. Then in high school I got in a rock band and that started all kinds of trouble."

After that, focusing on saxophone, The DLM got acquainted with guitars from hosting the rehearsals.

Studying music at North Texas State, then San Diego State, the DLM was a sideman in Blues, jazz, rock, country rock and funk bands. Then a hired gun on the sax for casuals.

Some of the bands he played in, he was allowed to sing, but not until later in the night, when evryone was a little more "open minded."

Always keeping up and utilizing technology, The DLM was happy when recording moved to computers and could be done without the studio cost. Also, Many ideas he had were pushed aside to serve the engineer's idea of what was technically correct . Only years later to see it become a trend.

Being somewhat of a loner and having strong opinions about music, the moving of recording to the desktop alllowed The DLM freedom to explore sounds and writing that would otherwise be impossible.

Becoming somewhat of a producer/songwriter, The Despicable Little Man had a creative period from 2011 to 2013 that saw him release one single a month. He also played some Los Angeles showcases that were well received.

The Despicable Little Man co-wrote a track for the movie "40 Sundays" (unreleased) with Chloe Domange that appeared on the sound track.

"If Love is All I Need" was used in a film, Ritual, (unreleased). The DLM also made an appearnce in the movie.

He also appeared as an extra in the "HipHop Highjack" video for Vital Emcee.