Working Through The Mental Part of It.

There’s a lot to overcome when promoting my music. Most of it is mental. In My Head.

DJ controller, computer, speakers and a turntable

In My Head

I equate promoting my music with promoting myself. So Is there a distinction between me and my music? Maybe not in my mind. Maybe that’s what the roadblock is. It goes back to work or something. I am what I do. If the music is rejected or has flaws, that would be me too. Rejected and flawed.
That being the case, I have to go through these mental gymnastics to over come those thoughts.


I believe in these cases, that denial is an extremely valuable tool. If you look at it a certain way, denying the false is acknowledging the true. Or at least a starting point for looking for it.
An example. I want to send my music to a radio station. For whatever reason, past rejections, lack of confidence, thin skin, whatever, my mental process goes to “They won’t like it and blah blah blah.” The result is 10 minutes later I’m still paralyzed and I wander off to facebook or twitter or some other place where time doesn’t exist. So the rejection that happened in my thoughts has become real.
By using my technique of denial, I would ignore the non-fact of the rejection happening, and move on to a search for the truth.

I won’t know I’m accepted until AFTER they receive the material. NOT BEFORE. So in this case, DENIAL of the mental roadblock has allowed me to search for the truth.

Getting To It

The best solution to work through all this is to make the activity action based. In other words, do something.
An example. Instead of worrying about what people think of me, or how they will receive my material, I make a list of people I would like to send it to.
Again denying my mental roadblocks, I find out what most of them want and create a mailout. Then I send it to them. Lists are great for overcoming roadblocks. You make a list and work through it. Being a somewhat obsessive person, the lists at some point become the obsession.

See all the mental gymnastics I have to go through to send an email to someone. If I can do it, you can do it.


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