Gettin Ready

After a year of writing and recording the album One Time, everything is submitted at this point for distribution.


I use the CDBaby aggregator. No physical CDs are being made yet. Writing the album description and such is the most challenging part of this for me. I should have read the artwork requirements before I started, but everything is high res enough to work. The audio is uploaded. Now waiting for approval.

Yesterday I applied for a mechanical license for The City, using That is the only cover song on this album. It was a fairly easy and straightforward process, and priced OK, with the discount code. I have used Harry Fox in the past, which is also OK.

I also registered for copyright at the US copyright website. It is also a fairly straightforward process, although I did have to read the instructions a few times, because I am registering as a collection of works. Reading the legalise, songs are copyrighted as soon as they are fixed. But this time I wanted to have a record of the songs. it takes a few months for the documentation to arrive in the mail.


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